What is LiveScan Fingerprinting

Ageless Biometrics Live scan fingerprinting refers to both the technique and the technology used by law enforcement agencies and private facilities (like us) to capture fingerprints and palm prints electronically, without the need for the more traditional method of ink and paper..

How long does the processing take?

State of Maryland criminal history background checks submitted electronically by Maryland Livescan’s optimized LSFP network capability average 24 hours or less to complete. As an FBI channeling partner, FBI criminal history background checks are typically available to the applicant to retrieve in person or electronically in 2 hour’s or less on average. Approximately 7 to 10 day’s after submitting the record request applicant and licensees should receive a copy of the report by regular mail. Individuals who fail to receive a copy of the report are advised to contact the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services directly at 410-764-4501 or their appropriate state or Federal government agency..

How much does it cost?

In accordance with the Code of Maryland Reglations (COMAR) the current fee schedule independently set by the identified agency associated with processing criminal record background checks on behalf of applicant and/or licensees via the use of the state of Maryland livescan network are; Livescan Fingerprintng $35.00 (service provided by Maryland Livescan). State of Maryland criminal records check $18.00 (service provided by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, Criminal Justice Information Systems DPSCS-CJIS). Federal criminal records check $16.50 (service provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Additional fees for services required to process specific licenses and/or applications may apply. Fees subject to change without notice…